Health & Nutrition

As the country’s largest food retailer, we recognize our ability and responsibility to offer healthy product choices and services for the 11 billion customers we serve every day. We encourage our customers to include more healthful and nutritious products in their baskets, support wellness in our communities, and provide tools to help customers adopt healthier lifestyles.

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Comprehensive Services

How we improve health and nutrition is important to Kroger and our stakeholders. Kroger’s president of Pharmacy and The Little Clinic® oversees our health and nutrition strategies and programs. We also have 18 dietitians on staff and about 60 in-store Nutrition Technicians to inform and develop health and wellness initiatives company-wide and in our stores.

Pharmacy services

Our Kroger Health team operates nearly 2,300 retail pharmacies in 37 states and 11 specialty pharmacies nationwide.

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The Little Clinic®

In 2018, The Little Clinic team operated over 220 clinics in nine states and took care of 1.52 million patients.

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The Little Clinic
Promoting health

Kroger’s Nutrition Technicians help customers ‘fill’ nutrition prescriptions from our dietitians and healthcare providers.

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Wellness Your Way

Wellness Your Way is Kroger’s platform for communicating our health and nutrition offerings: our pharmacies and health clinics, nutrition and exercise information and over-the-counter resources. Wellness Your Way, which is shared with our customers online and in our stores, reflects our commitment to offering health solutions for diverse customers and needs. We support our customers’ lifestyle choices through multiple channels, such as:

  • Product assortment
  • Shopping tools
  • Online resources
  • In-store support
  • Events and festivals
  • Partnering with others

We also offer Wellness Your Way Connect, which pairs the nutrition history of a customer’s shopping history with their Pharmacy information. Once enrolled, customers receive personalized services, nutrition information, recipes and more from Kroger’s food experts and healthcare providers—all tailored to meet their unique needs.

Product Assortment

New plant-based alternatives are gaining popularity among customers eating healthier, including the Beyond Burger.

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OptUP App

Kroger’s innovative OptUP app scores shoppers’ food purchases for nutritional value and suggests better-for-you options.

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Engaging customers

Kroger’s Wellness Your Way Festivals are designed to inspire our customers to embrace healthy lifestyles in their own way.

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