Health & Nutrition

For many of our customers, good health and proper nutrition are important factors in their decision-making at the grocery store. We encourage our customers to include more healthful and nutritious products, including organics, in their baskets to improve health. We also support wellness in our communities through our pharmacy and The Little Clinic operations.

Our ability to influence diet, health and wellness extends across our family of companies, from product development, manufacturing and sourcing to retail operations. Kroger’s Wellness Your Way platform is one way we share our commitment to promoting health. Wellness Your Way encompasses the offerings of our pharmacies and clinics, as well as nutrition and activity-related initiatives and over-the-counter wellness offerings.

We are committed to continue expanding health and wellness offerings for our customers. For example, we offer at least one or two Dietitian’s Pick Prep+Pared meal kits with each month’s selections. And we are making health and nutrition simpler through our new OptUP app, which helps customers track improvements in healthy purchases over time.

Our family of companies has added 18 dietitians to the team to inform and develop health and wellness initiatives at both the corporate and store levels. Dietitians develop content and recipes, consult on product development, and give input into health and wellness merchandising decisions. At our stores, dietitians provide clinical nutrition services to the community as part of the healthcare team.

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Promoting Healthy Choices: We actively promote our selection of fresh produce, including natural foods and organics for all of our customers.

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Simple Truth®: We go to the ends of the earth to put simple within reach, sourcing precious resources like coconuts responsibly with our partners at Fair Trade USA.


Dietitian's Pick: Giving you more information to track nutrition and make healthier choices.

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Retail Pharmacy

Kroger is the fifth-largest pharmacy operator in the U.S. in number of locations, operating 2,262 retail pharmacies in our stores. In 2017, Kroger pharmacists filled almost 189 million prescriptions. Aside from dispensing safe, accurate, and appropriate medications, Kroger Pharmacy is committed to providing a holistic, personalized, quality health experience to our patients.

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy is a nationwide specialty pharmacy providing medications and supplies that treat complex chronic diseases and conditions such as hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Learn more about Kroger’s Pharmacy operations.

The Little Clinic

The Little Clinic serves customers in nine states inside select Kroger, Dillons, Fry’s Food Stores, Jay C and King Soopers stores. These convenient retail health clinics help make routine care more accessible and affordable. Plus, The Little Clinic is one of only two retail clinic organizations that earned accreditation by The Joint Commission for delivering high quality and safe patient care.

Staffed by board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants, The Little Clinic clinicians diagnose and treat common illnesses and minor injuries, offer vaccinations, physicals, preventive care, travel health services, disease management and can even help someone quit tobacco. In addition to on-site services, The Little Clinic also regularly offers customers information about nutrition choices.

In 2017, The Little Clinic operated 220 clinics and took care of 1.6 million patients, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year. The Little Clinic will continue to expand in 2018 by focusing on further penetration in existing markets and by offering patients a new type of healthcare platform — online care. Learn more about services offered at The Little Clinic.

Supporting Dietary Needs

At Kroger, we strive to offer the products our customers need to meet their health and lifestyle needs. We use our dietitians’ expertise to identify the healthy diets that customers are adopting and to highlight products that align with these lifestyles, such as carb smart, gluten-free, digestive health, heart smart, vegan and organic items. We also highlight easy ways to adopt healthy eating habits, and how to eat healthy on a budget. In addition, our dietitians offer up ‘Dietitian’s Pick’ recipes and other healthy living tips. We want to offer the most nutritious products for people with specific dietary requirements, including infants who need the best quality products to support healthy growth or adults who are managing illnesses or chronic health conditions.

Fact: Kroger's sales of natural and organic products exceeded $16 billion in 2017.

of plant protein per serving

Beyond Meat: Our customers like Beyond Meat’s plant-based, meatless Beyond Burger.

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OptUP: We give our customers tools like OptUP that make it easier to eat healthy.

Natural & Organic Products

Kroger is quickly becoming a top destination for customers who are looking for affordable natural and organic foods. We offer thousands of natural, organic and eco-friendly product choices to meet our customers' needs and preferences for their families and homes. Kroger continues to be one of the largest natural food retailers in the U.S. by sales volume. Natural foods have seen double-digit growth in Kroger stores for the past several years – in fact, Kroger’s sales of natural and organic products passed $16.7 billion in 2017.

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Kroger helps customers locate natural and organic products through its Live Naturally product classification, logo and shopping tools. Products that meet the definition of Live Naturally are free from over 100 artificial ingredients, flavors and preservatives. Customers can identify these products through our Live Naturally leaf logo on in-store branding, signage and shelf tags. Other product benefits including Organic, non-GMO and Gluten Free are also noted on our shelf tags. We also share information on our website.