Government Involvement

Because we are one of the world's largest retailers, we actively participate in forming and shaping federal, state and local public policy when it impacts our business. We do this through our own associates who are Public Affairs leaders and through our lobbyists, trade associations and coalition partners. In all cases, we follow the laws and regulations governing advocacy and we choose to advocate only in cases where we believe the issue could have a significant impact to our business.

Kroger is a leader in transparency regarding political contributions. Several years ago, Kroger began voluntarily disclosing our political contributions, both corporately and through PACs via our website. We have added a listing of the major trade associations we belong to, and beginning with the 2012 calendar year, we included the amount of our contribution to these associations that is directed toward political activity. Kroger does not run direct advertisements in support of or opposition to specific candidates and we meet or exceed all laws governing political contribution disclosure.

Customers who are interested in viewing our political contribution policy and report can visit