Our Planet

We are committed to protecting human health and the environment while also meeting the needs of our customers. We go beyond compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations to improve sustainability for future generations by reducing our impact on the environment. We continue to evaluate the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business. Our customers, associates and stakeholders want us to engage in our communities, reduce our impacts on the environment and continue to create positive economic value over the long term, which all translate into customer loyalty, increased sales and a strategic advantage.

As articulated in our Sustainability Commitment and reflected in our 2020 Sustainability Goals, we aim to eliminate waste and increase efficiency across our company, source responsibly in our supply chain and help our customers make sustainable choices.

Zero Waste Learn More
We're committed to becoming a zero waste company by 2020 through minimized waste and waste diversion from landfills for better uses.
Food Waste Learn More
As a food retailer, we understand our opportunity and responsibility to reduce wasted food. Our goal is to eliminate food waste across our company by 2025.
Energy & Emmissions Learn More
At Kroger, we have goals and programs in place across our operations to drive energy efficiency, adopt renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.
Water Learn More
We recognize the opportunity in our operations to reduce water usage, find reuse opportunities and manage water discharge quality to protect local water sources.