Better-For-You Products

Kroger customers are rapidly adopting healthier lifestyles that benefit from ‘better-for-you’ products that align with their personal goals and values. Kroger is quickly becoming a top destination when customers are looking for affordable and accessible natural and organic foods. In fact, Kroger’s sales of natural and organic products reached more than $17.6 billion in 2018.

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Live Naturally

Kroger has defined strict guidelines for the products in our natural and organic product assortment: these products must refrain from including more than 100 ingredients, flavors and preservatives that are customers tell us are undesirable. We present our natural and organic assortment in different ways across the store. In addition to the organic section of our Produce department, customers can find these products in the Live Naturally sections of our Grocery aisles by looking for the Live Naturally leaf logo. Customers can also learn more and browse our natural and organic products online.

Organic and Non-GMO Products

Kroger carries approximately 9,000 organic items in our stores. We partner with more than 300 organic produce growers and suppliers every year to bring our customers an exciting selection of organic fruits and vegetables and sell more than $1 billion of organic produce annually. Customers seeking to avoid GMOs can choose from the many products we carry that are certified to be Non-GMO. They can also consider certified Organic products, as the National Organic Program standards do not allow GMOs in the production of organic products.

Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic®

Our natural and organic private label brand, Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic®, achieved sales of $2.3 billion in 2018—in fact, it has become the second largest brand sold in our stores. The Simple Truth® brand offers more than 1,550 unique products across multiple categories, and has clearly defined product standards to distinctly communicate to shoppers what they do or do not include—our ‘Free From’ commitment.

Fair Trade Tea
Leader in Fair Trade products

Kroger’s Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic brand has more Fair Trade-certified products than any other U.S. private label brand. By the end of 2018, we carried 56 certified products, spanning multiple commodity categories, and we purchased more than 17.1 million pounds of certified ingredients.

Compostable plates
Expanding assortment

We consistently expand our assortment to offer more products our customers love, growing to more than 1,550 unique products. Our new line of plates, bowls and platters are made from sugar cane and are fully compostable.

Plant-based alternatives
Plant-based alternatives

We are expanding our plant-based product assortment across the store to meet our customers’ changing interests, including in our Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® brand.

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Innovation and Emerging Trends

Our natural and organic product assortment is always evolving to meet customer demands. In 2018, innovation continued to play a significant role in our natural and organic business, as we added more than 1,300 items across more than 250 brands that met our natural and organic definition.

Our Brands innovation expertise

We track consumer preferences and innovation opportunities in order to bring new products to life and share our food trends knowledge with our customers. Meet Nicole Davis, Senior Innovation Manager.

Innovation Summits

In 2018, Kroger hosted three Natural Foods Innovation Summits in Cincinnati to connect new and innovative brands with our merchandising and Our Brands teams.

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Expo West Trade Show

Kroger brings several representatives to the Natural Products Expo West Trade Show in Anaheim, Calif., to ensure we keep track of emerging trends in the natural products industry.