Sustainable Product Packaging

Kroger recognizes the important role we play as a good steward of the environment, including efforts to reduce packaging and increase recyclability. We focus on reducing waste as part of our commitment to be a zero waste company by 2020 and as part of our Zero Hunger ǀ Zero Waste social impact plan.

Kroger has set goals to improve the sustainability of Our Brands product packaging: By 2020, Kroger will optimize packaging in corporate brands by following a balanced, multi-pronged approach that considers design attributes including but not limited to food safety, shelf life, availability, quality, material type and source, function, recyclability and cost. This goal has multiple parts, which can be reviewed in our 2020 Sustainability Goals.

Through our focus on Our Brands packaging, we aim to reduce the amount of plastics and unsustainable virgin fibers in our packaging and increase recycled content and recyclability.

Using less plastic: Kroger’s new lighter plastic milk jug, which saves 10% of plastic compared to the original jug, had rolled out to 6 Kroger Manufacturing plants by the end of the year. This project and many others are helping Kroger achieve our goal of reducing plastic packaging by 10 million pounds by 2020.

Stakeholder Communication: We continue to improve our product labels as part of our packaging updates to help increase awareness among our customers about how to recycle our packaging. We label recyclable Our Brands products according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides. As we update our packaging labels, we clearly denote when packaging, such as plastic, paper and aluminum containers, is recyclable.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration: To accelerate efforts to achieve our packaging goals, Kroger joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition in 2017. We believe our participation will accelerate our progress and help advance industry-wide and supply chain-wide initiatives to move the needle on recyclability and to identify suppliers who can support our sustainable packaging goals.