Opportunity Culture

We continue to do our part to create jobs in our communities and opportunities for growth for current associates. In 2016, we created 12,000 more jobs. More than 90 percent of these new jobs are in our supermarket divisions, ranging from full-time department heads and assistant store managers to part-time courtesy clerks and cashiers. Over the last eight years, Kroger has created more than 86,000 new jobs in our local communities. We are particularly proud that we hired more than 9,500 veterans in 2016 and more than 36,000 veterans since 2009. Our second annual Veterans Hiring Event resulted in 4,000 new hires.


Position: Murray's Cheese Project Manager, Deli Merchandising

Join date: 2008

"I'm fortunate to have an amazing career doing what I love every day."

What he does: Follows his passion for artisanal and craft cheese by merchandising Murray's cheese. Known for partnering with the Adult Beverage experts to create unique customer experiences by pairing local brews with Murray's cheese.

Back story: Started as Kroger's first Murray's Cheesemaster. He became an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional in 2013. For more store experience, he also completed the Leadership Essentials Program and served as an assistant store manager. He attended the Murray's cheese training program in New York City, earning his Murray's Red Jacket.


Position: Director, Corporate Dietitians, The Little Clinic

Join date: 2014

"I love hearing from our dietitians about how they have helped patients and customers enjoy nutritious food that fits their lifestyle. Each story is unique, and each time we are able to meet a need or change how someone views nutrition and eating, it's a wonderful feeling!"

What she does: Leads a team of in-store dietitians who provide clinical nutrition services in The Little Clinic locations, as well as nutrition education throughout the store. Helps customers and associates choose healthy food options, that taste good too.

Back story: Joined Kroger as a corporate dietitian. She earned bachelor's and master's degrees in nutrition and worked in education and research as well as clinical nutrition before joining Kroger. Passionate about food and cooking, she also has culinary training.