Kroger is in the food business and the people business. Our people are the heart. Kroger works hard to create a safe, healthy, inclusive culture where there are opportunities for careers and advancement.

We believe our industry-leading safety results make our stores, manufacturing plants and facilities among the safest places to work in America. Safety is a core value at Kroger. Keeping our 443,000 associates safe is an important part of our commitment to them.

Our ultimate safety goal is zero accidents.

Kroger has made steady progress in reducing our overall OSHA injury rate since launching a safety initiative in 1995. At the end of 2016, the OSHA injury rate for retail locations is 3.67 per 100 FTEs, a 77.2% reduction since 1995. The injury rate for all Kroger locations combined—our retail stores, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and offices—is 3.47 per 100 FTEs. This steady reduction is due to increased efforts to promote safety with our new associates and a continuous focus on preventing workplace injuries.

Based on the most current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data available (2015), Kroger's 2016 Supermarket Injury Rate (3.67) is 21.9% lower than the BLS industry benchmark of 4.7 Injuries/100 FTE, and has remained below this industry benchmark for the last 19 years.


The STAR program engages every associate to work together to be safe on this job. Kroger measures safety with the same regularity as sales and profits. The rewards for such close attention to safety are healthier associates, a safer working and shopping environment, and less time lost from work due to accidents.

*The OSHA injury rate is a nationally accepted standard for measuring injuries for every 100 full time equivalent associates.