Community Engagement

The Military and Their Families

Supporting service members and their families remains a priority for our company. Kroger partners with the USO, who has been keeping the nation's service members connected to family, home and country for 75 years through a wide range of programs and services. Honoring Our Heroes, Kroger's annual summer campaign, provided $1 million to the USO in 2016, and generated an additional $1.9 million in contributions from customers and associates. Since 2010, Kroger's support of the USO has totaled nearly $18 million.

Kroger's support for members of the military expands beyond fundraising. Kroger hired more than 9,500 veterans last year. Since 2009, nearly 36,000 veterans have been hired by our family of stores. Read more at

Kroger Heroes

Clifton T. | U.S. Marine Veteran | Kroger, Category Strategy Manager, Our Brands, Cincinnati
I served in the Marine Corps from 1998 to 2002. I always felt the need to serve my country, but after seeing the impact that the Marine Corps had on several of my friends that joined before I did, I became passionate about becoming a Marine. During my military career I worked in the administration office and I was also a Martial Arts Instructor. I started my career in Michigan but moved several times (North Carolina, South Carolina, California). My impression is that the USO provides military personnel with much needed services, especially to those service members who are deployed and overseas. Transition from the military to civilian life was difficult, but I got reacquainted with family and enrolled in school (I used the GI Bill) which helped ease the transition because it kept me busy. Veterans have the skills and work ethic to be the best employees. More often than not, they just need an opportunity and Kroger is giving that to them. I am proud to work for a company that is committed to hiring veterans.

To thank members of the military in 2016, Kroger hosted summer barbecues for thousands of troops and their families in three cities across the United States, with three additional celebrations on U.S. military bases in Germany and Kuwait.