Supply Chain:

Ingredient Safety

Over the last several years, the Our Brands team has responded to customers' requests to remove certain ingredients from our products. We have also worked to reformulate alternatives for our baby products. They are now free from triclosan, quaternium-15, phthalates, parabens and chlorine free pulp. By the end of 2014, Our Brands body washes and antibacterial soaps were triclosan-free. This area continues to evolve and Our Brands will respond. See Simple Truth Non-Food.


Kroger recognizes that BPA is of concern to some customers. To address these concerns, Kroger has been working to limit the presence of BPA in the Our Brands portfolio. As a high priority, Kroger addressed products commonly used by infants and toddlers (such as pacifiers, training cups, and feeding utensils) by notifying suppliers of these items that Kroger would only accept BPA-free offerings in this category. Since 2009, the infant and toddler products in the Our Brands portfolio have been BPA-free.

Kroger is steadfast in its efforts to remove BPA from the linings of Our Brands packages. We have made significant progress in engaging our canned goods suppliers to transition to feasible, Non-BPA alternatives. As of May 2017, we have converted 426 Our Brands canned goods to Non-BPA liners—this represents more than 85% of applicable items. This includes all canned offerings under our Simple Truth Organic® brand. As packaging labels get updated, customers will be able to identify which canned goods have Non-BPA liners by simply locating our standardized Non-BPA liner icon across the Our Brands portfolio.


We believe it's important to listen to diverse perspectives when addressing concerns related to our supply chain and to positively influence where we can. We voluntarily collaborate with various industry groups, listen and learn from our investors, seek sound science from both governmental and non-governmental agencies, and we listen to our customers' concerns.