We have completed our initial assessment with the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program. BAP standards are industry-accepted guidelines for farm-raised seafood. Based on the assessment, we informed our suppliers in 2009 of new expectations with regard to farm-raised seafood. For farmed species that are corporately procured and have existing BAP standards in place, we expect all suppliers to reach Level 2 certification by the end of 2011.

Featured Suppliers:

Marine Harvest

Marine Harvest is one of the world’s leading seafood companies and producers of farmed salmon. We have been partnering with Marine Harvest for more than 8 years and will continue on this successful path of bringing customers sustainable, farm-raised salmon.

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Rain Forest Aquaculture

Rain Forest Aquaculture is one of the leading producers of tilapia, with farms located throughout Central America. We have been partnering with Rain Forest Aquaculture for the last 12 years and will continue promoting sustainable, farm-raised tilapia.

For more information about Rain Forest Aquaculture, visit

Rubicon Resources

Rubicon Resources is one of the leading importers and distributors of sustainable seafood in North America. We have been partnering with Rubicon Resources for the last 12 years and are proud of their continued progress. Rubicon Resources ensures a sustainable, traceable and 100% safe supply of premium seafood. Their naturally raised shrimp always meet or exceed the highest possible standards.

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