Zero Hunger

Kroger continues to explore strategies to end hunger in our communities, including efforts to better understand the complex issues related to food insecurity. We are working with our long-standing national partner Feeding America and others to analyze trends and patterns of food insecurity and to identify areas of greatest need in our communities.

Key focus areas for 2018 include:
  • Accelerating donations: We are reviewing opportunities to increase donations through our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Food Rescue program. This includes improved store execution of our current program, and working with our partners at Feeding America, World Wildlife Fund and others to include more items.
  • Applying analytics and insights: We are connecting insights from 84.51°– Kroger’s customer insights and analytics team – with Feeding America’s latest Map the Meal Gap data and other important inputs to identify areas where Kroger can uniquely contribute to ending hunger in our communities. This includes work with Feeding America’s Center for Applied Research in Action (CARA).
  • Focusing on geographic hotspots: Leveraging these insights, we will focus on key areas of need in our communities around the country to test scalable solutions for improving food security for families.
  • Leveraging technology: We will evaluate and test innovative ideas and technology solutions that show promise in ending hunger and eliminating waste.
  • Raising awareness: Kroger is also helping promote the value of food – to show how to stretch the shelf life of food and waste less. We offer a monthly ‘Wilted to Wonderful’ blog series on, featuring tips from our own Kroger Chef Brandon Fortener.

Please see the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste and Food Access sections of our report for more details about efforts to increase access to nutritious food in our communities.

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See how Rob Farmer and the team at La Habra Bakery in California are helping feed their community.

In urban Milwaukee County, the Pick ‘n Save Fresh Picks Mobile Market brings affordable healthy food to neighborhoods without a nearby grocery store.

The Kroger Community Pantry in Grove City, Ohio, is an example of Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Food Rescue in action, thanks to our partnership with Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

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pounds donated through Zero Hunger | Zero Waste food rescue